Podcasts for Professionals Working with Families

There are many different ways you can use Hand in Hand Parenting tools to benefit the families in your community. In this collection of resources specifically for professionals, you’ll hear from psychologists, doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, and childcare professionals as they discuss the variety of ways the Hand in Hand Parenting approach has been helpful to families in the communities they serve.

Podcasts for Professionals

When parents do well, the whole family does well.

Give them the skills to succeed. Here is what some of the podcasts will cover.


Working with Separation Anxiety

Hand in Hand Instructors Shelley Macy and Laura Minnigerode as they share their experience helping early childhood educators in:

  • Easing separation struggles.
  • Helping parents and children to be able to enjoy their time apart.

How Parenting Triggers Past Hurts

Join Certified Instructors Sandra Flear, RP, DipTIRP, CPI and Robin Setchko, LMFT as they discuss:

  •  What interpersonal neurobiology is teaching us about early memories.
  • How parenting can re-stimulate difficult early experiences in parents.
  • How these experiences are repaired.
  • How listening partnerships between parents work.


Helping Families After ACEs

Clinical psychologist Maya Coleman, PhD and pediatrician, Dr. Pam Oatis, MD discuss:

  • 5 tools that help the whole family after ACEs.
  • A family-centered process to foster emotional recovery.
  • How play can be used effectively as a healing tool after trauma.
  • Fascinating neuroscience behind the Hand in Hand Parenting tools.


Preparing Children for Medical Visits

Certified Instructors Pam Oatis, MD and Jaclyn Long, MFT discuss:

  • How to help your child both prepare for doctor visits
  • Process the feelings that can often surface afterward. 

Here is What You Will Get:

  • Helping Families After ACEs
  • Stories from Professionals Who Use Hand in Hand Tools in Their Practice
  • Preparing Children for Medical Visits
  • Assisting Children in a Medical Setting
  • Working with Separation Anxiety in the Childcare Setting
  • How Parenting Triggers Past Hurts in the Parent

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Meet Some of the Hosts

Maya Coleman

PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Laura Minnigerode

Educational Research, Classroom Teaching

Sandra Flear


Robin Setchko

PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Pam Oatis

MD, Pediatrician